Austin Daniel Blasingame
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Promotional Video, Be in Health

Be in Health, For My Life

For My Life is a 1 week program offered to help people align their life with the Word of God. Each month people travel from all over the world to attend the program. It is amazing to witness the impact this program has on people's lives. 


Promotional Video for For My Life, a program offered by Be in Health


I have the pleasure each month to sit with people and record their stories as a film director at Be in Health. After collecting several stories while being in relationship with the staff, the attendees, and local folk the video above is the result. I co-directed the piece with Scott Iwahashi. I was the editor, sound designer, and producer on this piece.


"I never knew all of this stuff- so I have a new life, and a new relationship with my Father. And that fills all that emptiness inside of me that I could never…I was looking for things to fill it- and could never find it."

- Bonny, a For My Life attendee