Austin Daniel Blasingame
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a Light Gives Heat Film, Moving On

a Light Gives Heat Film, Moving On

The true and inspiring story of former LRA child soliders under Joseph Kony's command, seek to write their own destiny as they live and work in Jinja Uganda and attempt to put the past behind them, moving on from the atrocities of their past. Meanwhile, a young american couple abandon stable lives in the United States, quitting their jobs in order to adopt a child in Uganda. Initially they have the intention to see what they can give to Africa, only to find that it is Africa that gives life to them through unlikely friendships as they discover that hope is often found in the least likely of places. Choose hope. LOVE IS WINNING.


Official Movie Trailer, Moving On


My goal was to create the feeling of a tactile Africa, as if you are feeling what it is to be present there through the imagery and graphics - everything from the logo creation to the chapter titles - each carefully thought out and cared for.


Uganda Africa is Colorful. The art direction therefore was nothing less than Vibrant.

This culture is rich in spirit and rich in joy despite all the hardship in the recent years. I learned a great deal working on this film. We had an amazing crew and the collaborative effort was epic. I had a lot of freedom to create from the heart along the journey. 


Paper Stop Motion was the Medium that was used to Create Captivating and Raw Graphics for the Animation of Moving On


This scene depicts a true to life moment where children, especially boys, would be forced to kill their own families. It was horrific, and challenging to create this scene. I hoped to take the edge off by doing it in paper. Re-creating moments in the village scene was awesome despite the storyline. Our team had a wonderful time playing with lighting and camera work while moving the characters in action one step at a time in stop motion sequence.



This train was a labor of love. Seeing it composited in after hours of recording stop motion tests was absolutely rewarding!


Above are some process shots, the making of Moving On. Zina Lahr was an amazing artist, brilliant with craft and her paper work was phenomenal. We spent long hours, burning the mid-night oil, while creating the 3D props for stop motion. It was an amazing collaboration.


Behind the Scenes, Moving On