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Promotional Video, Steps Over Swaziland

Steps Over Swaziland

"They say every great journey begins with a single step, and for me, it all began when I first set foot onto Swaziland’s rich, red and vibrant soil in 2005. The Royal Kingdom of Swaziland is the last remaining absolute monarchy in Africa. I am in awe of the strength and beauty of the peaceful Swazi people."

                                    - Caroline McGraw, Founder of SOS Walk


Promotional video for Steps Over Swaziland


Fighting Against AIDS and Extinction

I was captivated by the passion and faith that was growing around efforts to bring awareness to Swaziland's fight against aids and extinction. I served as an art director / animator on this promotional piece. It was amazing to work with Caroline, founder of the S.O.S Walk and Beth our editor. The three of us got together to take the experiences of Caroline's travels and heart for Swaziland and piece together an intriguing journey in hopes that many would jump on board.


Above are some style frames which are highlighted as part of the Steps Over Swaziland Promo