Austin Daniel Blasingame


"Austin in truly One of the most talented Artists we've ever worked with.

- LGHtv


I am a jack of all trades in the filmmaking world

I enjoy storytelling in the form of film (moving pictures). I come from a strong background in graphic design, animation, and painting and have acquired skills in concept art, illustration, color, compositing, producing, directing, shooting, and cinematography. I like being behind a camera and I dig directing teams to create super, unique content. I especially enjoy working with actors and I love getting lost out in nature.

A personal note - I have a passion for shining a light on beauty and celebrating life’s present moments, whether trial or triumph. The joy and peace I hope for is not based on success- I didn’t always think this wayinstead, it is the constant discovery of truth guided by God’s lovingkindness, mercy, and grace. Living truth out through personal conviction and belief remains to be an untouchable mystery that keeps me grasping for more. To respect each and every person along the way, no matter what differences we have, is an awesome challenge. I love collaboration and the refinement that it calls forth in every project. I have witnessed that projects themselves are not what God is after, but simply our heart. Being a servant comes with a cost and though it is the hardest thing to maintain, it is the most life giving gift that truly brings forth my greatest potential as a human and as an artist. I get reminded that Jesus walks the talk and I smile because without him I am lost, with him I am found!  

What an honor it is to share our journey with one another by building each other up in the gifts and talents unique to each of us.

I love how creativity helps us see our surroundings in a new way. It stretches our minds and hearts to reach beyond what we know and to dream like little children with no boundaries.
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Photo by Brian Nevins



Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design / University of Florida
Fine Art & Illustration / Watts Atelier
Animation / 19 Years Working with Agencies, Production Studios, Non-profits
Art Directing & Filmmaking  / 12 Years of Documentary Filmmaking / 4 Years of Directing Film


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