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Hero With A Thousand Faces

Hero With A Thousand Faces

Hero With A Thousand Faces is a film that gives an up close and personal account of the people that worked together in order to stop the Ebola Virus from spreading, specifically in the country of Sierra Leone. These valiant people put their lives in danger so that the virus would come to a hault. This film is a chilling wake up call to the world; a sobering reminder of how blessed we are to have health.

(Hot off the Press) Movie Trailer – Hero With A Thousand Faces

The art direction was gritty, tactile and filled with emotion!


Above is a time-lapse of the oil painting I created for the cover art.


The moment the director, Joel Clark, presented the opportunity for collaboration; I agreed excitedly. It is a gripping story. When I first watched the film I couldn't get over the images of the workers. They were so foreign looking, as if in space suits and almost disconnected from humanity yet had a heroic role. I felt strongly that a simple depiction of a portrait, mixed with an element of creativity, would spark an intrigue to see the film. Joel and the team at The Orchard agreed and they commissioned me to do the cover art below, which turned into the face of the film.


Final Artwork for Cover of Movie Poster


Below Are Some Process Pics


Below Are Concepts I Provided for the Cover Art


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