Austin Daniel Blasingame
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A Teen Press Book, The Joy of Connecting

The Joy of Connecting

Fueled by the power of eye contact, handshake, thought-filled questions, and courageous listening. Questions inspired by the opportunity to be live . . . to be present . . . to hear someone else’s answer. Listening powered by the possibility of unlocking a story longing to be shared. Teen Press is what happens when kids are handed a microphone and camera and given the opportunity and responsibility of visiting with a real, live person. 


"We wanted to communicate substance and soul, wisdom and wonder, and care-filled chaos. Not an easy task. Austin got out his paper, his palette and his tools and added heart."
                                                                          - John Seigel Boettner CEO (Chief Enchantment Officer) Teen Press


I carefully laid out 90+ Pages for Amazon's Print on Demand and eBook Format books 

Because the writing inside the book is so creative and fun the imagery of the brand needed to have just as much spunk in it from page to page to create a harmony. We went far above what everybody expected. It was an awesome journey and great collaboration.


"I had the privilege to work with an outstanding team on a project with tons of heart and passion."

This project was heavy on branding a look and feel unique to the classroom and intriguing to all people.

The CEO of Teen Press, John Siegel Boettner, is an amazing visionary. My conversations with him were very inspiring through the course of this project. He believed in the "process" of creating unique and intriguing work and therefore he trusted me to make decisions based on the art direction. These are a few spreads within the book (above). It was illustration heavy with a lot of attention to typography, layout and composition. The theme if you haven't noticed was based in a chalk world playing up the classroom setting. 

The two covers above were alternative concepts to the "hand-shake" option that was chosen.